Shareholder/Director of Crowe & Dunlevy
Jul 17, 2024
Christopher Davis
Shareholder/Director of Crowe & Dunlevy

Chris Davis began his law career as a clerk for a federal judge in 1995.  By September of 1996 he began his private practice as a civil trial lawyer practicing in primarily defense catastrophic injury and property damages cases.  Davis also specializes in complex business and IP litigation on both plaintiff and defense sides.  Recently, Davis has a growing mediation practice and now serves as a mediator in around 50 cases per year.

Davis views law is an ancient and time-honored profession that has been held by many of the most important figures in history.  It is an intellectual and constantly challenging company of professionals.  Davis is known as an honest and honorable person.  He believes in being true to his word and being humble and honest if delayed on a deadline.

Outside of the law, Chris and his wife, Adora, are avid RV’ers and love to travel all over the US.  He has one adult daughter and three dogs.