Josh Korenbilt, otherwise known to his teammates as The Black Knight of Doom just turned 35 and has been playing baseball with the Miracle League for a long time, where he is known for hitting homeruns.  Josh and his dad, Mike Korenbilt spoke to the Rotary Club of Edmond a week prior to the Miracle League season opener.
This year the Miracle League is celebrating its 20th year in Edmond. The league was originally started by Margo Price with the YMCA of Edmond taking it over 3 years ago after her retirement. There are 2 ages divisions, offering baseball to participants ages 7-62. The younger Korenbilt plays 8 games a season and is in the 18 and over division. Upon hearing that the club was coming out to be buddies for the players, Josh told the Club, “We’re gonna have fun out there!”
The elder Korenbilt thanked the club for the generous donation of new equipment and a new sound system which was put to use on September 13th at the season opener.
The evening of the season opener saw 15 Rotarians at the Mitch Park Miracle League field to serve as buddies. The games are 2 innings with each team batting through their lineup twice. There are no strike outs, no outs and is coach pitched. Chris Berry of the YMCA said that the Miracle League sees kids come from as far as Tuttle and Norman to play.
With the new sound system, each batter was announced and received great fanfare from everyone in attendance.  Music played continuously throughout the game and as parent, Tammy Duchene comment, “the music created such a fun ambiance and atmosphere.” Rotarians and players could be seen dancing in the outfield.
A grant was submitted to Rotary district 5750 for matching funds through The Rotary Foundation by board member Natalie Bonney who wanted to make a bigger impact after previously volunteering at the Miracle League.  “This is a project that is meaningful and supports our community members in a significant way.” Berry worked in conjunction with Bonney to determine what equipment was needed. In total the club donated close to $7,600.00 allowing new purchases of the field signage, helmets, bats, catcher’s gear, a new safety netting backstop, safety balls, equipment racks and carriers, and the previously mentioned sound system.
Barry Bell, Rotarian said, “what a fun and rewarding experience it was to spend the afternoon with the kids from Miracle League. I’m not sure who had more fun, but it was a great time for all of us to come together as a community. Everyone had a smile on their face.”
The club joined the Miracle League again on October 5th for another night of fun. For more information on the Miracle League of Edmond, contact the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City.
Miracle League Cardinals
Rotarians: Dan Chavez, Krista Jones, Brett Towne, Chris Koehler,                                               
Barry Bell, James Boggs, Amzi Gregory, Natalie Bonney, Codie Hardy,
David Osborne, Mike Sanders, Chris Berry and Beth Case (L to R)
Rotarian Barry Bell, Logan Doughty(L to R)