Author / OSU Athletics Historian
Mar 20, 2024
Gene Johnson
Author / OSU Athletics Historian

I'm Gene Johnson and I'm the youngest eighty year old you'll ever meet.  I have three children, plus six magnificent Grand children, three attending Deer Creek schools.....where my two sons also graduated from, and three attending Kingfisher schools.  I'm lucky and married a beautiful woman.  Our 50th wedding anniversary will be this May.  We don't get older, just better!

My working carrer was spent primarily with the investment ifrm Merrill Lynch in Oklahoma City and five years in Santa Barbara, California as a broker and manager.

Being a native Seminole, I got hooked on playing basketball as a thrid grader and never looked back.  I was blessed to have played for OSU's legendary coach, Mr. Henry P. Iba.  My senior year we won the Big 8 title.

Over the years my wife and I enjoyed taking mission trips to the Phillipines and Hati plus places in Europe.  We also volunteered at a local nursing home ministry for many years.

I have written two books about OSU sports, plus have over 60 published articles.