The Rotary Club of Edmond has partnered with the Summit Rotary Club of Edmond and the Sooner Rotary Club of Norman to provide funds for Feeding the Future program, a project of the Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen-Seaside.  The Playa del Carmen Club-Seaside started the program in 2017 in the Village of Torres de la Paz, close to the city of Playa del Carmen. The village exists in extreme poverty, and many of the village children live in uncertain food conditions. After the local construction of a small community school, the Seaside Rotary Club brought together funds for a solar-powered water filtration system and a small kitchen where the Feeding the Future program operates. Local organizations and businesses supported this program, but the Coronavirus pandemic has stopped those organizations’ ability to help. The Seaside Rotary Club provides ninety-six children with healthy meals for six days each week. The total costs are $1,200 per month, and the club sought outside help for a month’s worth of food for the children.
Teresa Sparks Cleaver is a former resident of Edmond and is now a member of the Playa del Carmen-Seaside club. She contacted Carol Wright of the Rotary Club of Edmond, seeking assistance in providing one month’s meals for the children in Torres de la Paz. Members of the Rotary Club of Edmond provided approximately half of these funds, with the remainder coming from the Summit Club and the Sooner Club. The Rotary Club of Edmond is thankful to its members for participating in these fund-raising efforts, and the club is especially pleased that the Summit and Sooner Clubs offered their help to reach the goal of $1,200 for the children of Torres de la Paz.